Product Launching Ceremony

The Licensee, Mullai Milk Processing Industry (Mullai MPI) has started operation since 10th of June
2016 in Mullaitheevu, Northern province, Sri Lanka. They have been producing milk products with high
standards and no preservatives considering the consumer health benefits. Additionally, the Mullai MPI
has provided job and opportunities to rural war affected communities and war widows, improving their
life standards. The Mullai MPI produces Pasturised milk, Curd, Yogurt, Ghee, Cottage Cheese. The Bael
incorporated drinking yoghurt is a new and valuable invention to the Mullai MPI portfolio.

Bael is an underutilized seasonal fruit mainly found in the northern part of Sri Lanka. It has been reported
that Bael fruit had Therapeutic properties such as Anti ulcer, Anti cancer, Anti diabetic, blood purifier and

improves cardiac function. Bael also has a cultural significance for the Hindus as the fruit to worship lord

UBL – Jaffna, the technology transfer office of University of Jaffna was started in 2018 with the support
of the World Bank funding. It is mentionable that the Licensing of the Bael Syrup Incorporated Drinking
Yoghurt was the first licensing of a product outcome of a research in the 40 years history of University of
Jaffna. This first of its kind event was followed by the product launch event which was graced by the
Government officials, private sector officials, commercial representatives and various directors of
industries from the northern province. The launching of this product not only started a new era of product-based research in the University of Jaffna but also spread the awareness of the importance of research outcomes to solve real life problems among the academics and students.

Soon after the launch, the Bael Syrup Incorporated Drinking Yoghurt was distributed to canteens, stores
and supermarkets and since then has received great demand because of its taste and health benefits
associated with it.

This successful commercialization story has sparked the innovation mindset of the research community as
they see that their successful commercialization of invention and innovation contributes to the National
economy and recover as a country from the current financial crisis.