UBL Funded Field Visits and Industrial Visits 2023

NoWorkshop Faculty /DepartmentDate 
1Hardware design and prototypingFaculty of Engineering 14.12.2023-15.12.2023
2Artificial Intelligence and cyber securityFaculty of Technology05.12.2023
3Sri Lanka Student workshop on Computer ScienceFaculty of Science09.12.2023
4MSME workshopFaculty of Engineering15.12.2023
NoIndustrial VisitFaculty /DepartmentDate
1Industrial Field visit to colombo Dockyard LimitedFaculty of Engineering01.12.2023
2Foods Technology Special studentsFaculty of Technology12.12.2023
3Applied chemistry student 4xFaculty of Science12.12.2023-13.12.2023
4Hands on training for aquaculture hatchery techniques for special degree students (4M)Faculty of Science14.12.2023
5Industrial visit by fisheries science studentsFaculty of Science13.12.2023
6Training on Eco-Tourism Development in the Northern Province Faculty of Science14.12.2023

Workshop for MSME by Faculty of Engineering

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and cyber security by Faculty of Technology

Field Visit by the Foods Technology Special students